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Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn - USDOD photo

Out Like Flynn

The Politics of Personal Destruction Claims Another Victim

By Rand Green ♦ Tues., Feb. 14, 2017

AS A CAREER writer and editor who has been around long enough to remember when the word gay meant light-hearted and a mouse wasn't something you would rest your hand on for hours at a time, it is always fascinating to me the way new words and expressions insinuate into the English language and old ones shift their meanings.

One way this happens is for a well-known individual's name to become synonymous with some dominant characteristic of that individual or to take on the meaning of some action done either by or to that individual.  READ MORE




What Right Has the Left To Tell Us Who We Are?

"They are trying to shame us, but the shame is on them."

By Rand Green ♦ Tues., Jan. 31, 2017

IF THERE IS anything spewing from the mouths of Democrat politicians these days that I find more disgusting, offensive, and tedious than their presumptuous insistence on telling us "who we are," I can't think what it is − unless, perhaps, their predilection for slandering as racist anyone who disagrees with any aspect of the Progressive agenda.  READ MORE