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China in the Chips
Is a corresponding continued decline of the United States inevitable?

Rand Green 
Yosemite Valley


NEW YORK TIMES, today, announced that a Chinese research center has built the world's fastest super-computer, giving China "bragging rights as a technology superpower."

That's a notable achievement any way you slice it, but to keep it in some perspective, China's new warp-speed Tianhe-1A computer, which has military as well as commercial applications (and implications), was built with computer chips made by U.S. companies.

More importantly, although not mentioned in the Times article, just as China's rapid rise as an economic power has been possible only because of U.S. consumerism, China's rapid progress in computer technology has been possible only because of technology transfers from the United States.

That has included the transfer of classified military technology, not by spies peddling government secrets to Red China but by the U.S. government handing them to Beijing gratis and with a proper humble double nod.

It's a bit like being in a football game and having the ball at fourth down and goal on the one yard line, then having your quarterback run the wrong way with the ball, clear to the other end of the field, and ground it inside the ten

The most alarming of such technology transfers occurred during the Clinton administration. Prior to 1996, Communist China had nuclear weapons but no way to deliver them with accuracy to targets on our side of the world. The Clinton administration, not trusting the United States in the role of the world's sole superpower, remedied that by giving China precisely the technology it needed to nuke Washington DC and other U.S. cities with pinpoint accuracy.

I wrote at the time that it was for that treasonous act that President Clinton should have been impeached, rather than for his lying under oath about an indiscretion. The latter was a diversion from the former and a much more serious offense. Of course, Clinton claimed not to have been directly involved in the decision to make the technology transfer. He made that type of claim about many things that turned out not to be the case

But as NewsMax reported on Oct. 1, 2003, "Newly declassified documents show that President Bill Clinton personally approved the transfer to China of advanced space technology that can be used for nuclear combat. The documents show that in 1996 Clinton approved the export of radiation hardened chip sets to China. The specialized chips are necessary for fighting a nuclear war."

The Commerce Department justified the transfer as a "waiver in the national interest," which begs the question: In the interest of which nation? One also cannot help but wonder which nation the decision makers -- including Clinton -- were really working for, especially in light of the fact (as reported in the same NewsMax article) that the Clinton-Gore campaign accepted several donations from Chinese military sources.

So what does it all mean? Is the ascendancy of China and the corresponding decline of the United States, technologically, economically and militarily, inevitable? Not at all. That is, not unless we, as a people, decide that's the way we want it. It's obviously what the present ruling class in the United States wants, so if we, the people, want something different, we need to put different leaders into office who aren't afraid or ashamed of American exceptionalism and who will put America first.

The people of the United States can compete successfully with anyone anywhere, anytime, and in almost any field of endeavor, if we are not excessively constrained by government regulations. It is not that we are by nature any smarter or any better, but because those are the predictable results of a culture in which excellence is rewarded, competition is encouraged, and people are free to pursue their dreams. America is presently in decline, both in absolute terms and relative to China, only because we have allowed our government to punish excellence, discourage competition and abridge our freedoms. If that decline continues, it will be because we made the choice to allow it to do so. It is not inevitable. It is a decision to be made, and that decision is up to us.

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