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Myths and Realities in the
Immigration Debate
With extracts from a speech given October 2, 2010, by Serafin Quintanar

Rand Green 
Yosemite Valley


AT THE TOP of the agenda right now for the Democratic entrenchment in the United States Government is to do whatever is necessary to keep themselves in power in perpetuity as the ruling class. One of the chief strategies they look to for achieving that goal is the wholesale purchase of Hispanic votes by granting amnesty and fast-track citizenship to as many as possible of the 12 to 20 million predominantly Hispanic illegal aliens presently in the country – and to encourage the continuing influx across our borders of more of the same.

The leftist-dominated major media in the United States, who had much to do with putting radical leftist Democrats in power in the White House and Congress in the 2008 election, want in the worst way to make people believe that the Hispanics who are legally in the United States – including the many whose families have been U.S. citizens for generations – are unanimous in their support for amnesty and open borders. But that is a myth.

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The reality is that there are millions of American citizens with Hispanic surnames and ancestry who view themselves as Americans first, not as hyphenated Hispanic-Americans, and who have the same attitude toward people who break the law to get into this country as do most other Americans. And like most other Americans, they are not anti-immigration – being either immigrants themselves or the descendants of immigrants – but they are opposed to illegal immigration. They basically believe that anyone who wishes to come into our home should knock on the front door and be invited in, rather than breaking a window and climbing in uninvited.

I have many personal acquaintances of Hispanic extraction who hold those views, including some friends of long standing. But a young man I met just a week ago is particularly articulate and vocal on the subject. His name is Serafin Quintanar, and he was a speaker at the October 2, 2010, Central Valley Tea Party in Fresno, California.

Serafin  QuintanarMr. Quintanar was a candidate for Congress for the 20th district (Fresno) in the California Republican primary in June 2010. He lost to Andy Vidak, whom he subsequently endorsed, stating on his website, "We all need to work hard to ensure that Mr. Vidak defeats [incumbent Democrat] Jim Costa so that we can bring water, jobs and prosperity back to the valley."

A businessman by profession, and currently regional director for Central California for the Conservative Party, Mr. Quintanar, 40, is the son of a legal Bracero farm worker who became a U.S. citizen, according to the Conservative Party website. He is a member of the American Mensa Society, which is another way of saying he is one smart dude. And he has been "actively promoting conservative principles for over 20 years."

At the October 2, 2010, Central Valley Tea Party, Mr. Quintanar pointed out that a failure to resolve the illegal immigration issue is one of the major problems facing the United States. "This is a big part of what is bankrupting our country," he said. "To give you a couple of facts and figures: Illegal Mexicans in the United States transfer about $25 billion a year back to Mexico from earnings here from illegal labor. They use up about $100 billion of welfare and social handouts…. Mexico gets the added benefit that they export poverty to the United States so that they don't have to deal with it."

The Mexican government is complicit in that, he said. "They support and fund the illegals coming to our nation," even to the extent of distributing booklets telling prospective immigrants "how to get over here" without going through the legal application process.

"But there is something bigger and more sinister at play," Mr. Quintanar said. Referencing the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but without passing judgment one way or another on the justification for those war, he noted that they are costing the United States billions of dollars and many American lives. "Yet the biggest single threat economically, and also from a standpoint of violence," to the United States, comes from Mexico. Yet the U.S. government is not addressing that threat.

"Before 9/11, Al Qaida and the Taliban had declared war on America, but America didn't even know it," he said. "I am telling you right now that there is a war on our southern border that the government of Mexico is complicit in … and they benefit from this financially. They export violence to us. They export drugs to us." And of course, they export poverty. "And they import money from us. And we need to put a stop to that." The defense of our southern border is "far more important than any war on the other side of the globe."

The drug war along the border has caused more deaths than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in recent months, and that violence has "already spread" across the border and into the United States, Mr. Quintanar said. Shots fired from across the border have struck buildings in the United States, including a city hall. "Just recently … a gentleman in Texas was killed" by pirates from Mexico in a latke on the Mexican-Texas border. "In parts of Arizona, there are national parks that are off limits to U.S. citizens because they are controlled by Mexican drug lords," and in Fresno County, "Sheriff Margaret Mims has documented [that] in our foothills, in our mountains, here" the Mexican drug cartels are "growing marijuana and other illegal crops, and that there are armed guards there that are hazards to Americans."

The problem is "just getting worse and worse," he said. "If you think the Taliban is bad, wait till the drug wars are here on our streets." The Mexican drug cartels "behead people. They kidnap people. They tear off people's faces. they murder for fun."

What Mr. Quintanar did not talk about, but which only reinforces his concerns, is the fact that the Mexican drug lords and the Columbian drug lords, once fierce rivals, have formed an alliance, sort of a division of labor, and that the Columbian cartels have formed an alliance with Islamist extremists. Al Qaeda is providing security and training to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, better known by its Spanish acronym FARC, which is both a Marxist revolutionary organization and a cocaine cartel. The Mexican cartels are helping FARC get their products into the United States, and Al Qaeda is getting money and weapons in exchange for its services.

The Mexican drug cartels also control the "coyotes" who smuggle illegal immigrants by the thousands, as well as drugs by the tons, into the United States, and that gives Al Qaeda another benefit – easy and undetected entrance into the United States for its operatives.

Mr. Quintanar was not exaggerating when he spoke of the seriousness of the problems associated with illegal immigration and inadequate border control.

Unfortunately, "I don't have any confidence that our government is going to do anything about it," he said.

Democrats are resisting efforts to stop the influx of illegal immigrants and are "pushing for amnesty" because they are "trying to pander to potential voters." Many Republicans, including George W. Bush and John McCain, have also pushed for amnesty. "The Democrats definitely want [the illegal immigrants] here because they are looking at a supermajority of voters that will keep them in office perpetually," but many people in both parties "also look at this [influx of illegal immigrants] as a business transaction" providing a constant supply of cheap labor.

"I think the solution is going to come from the people," Mr. Quintanar said. "Our government is not going to act on it. This problem has been in front of them for 20 years or more, and they have failed to act. If anything, they keep appeasing and appeasing and appeasing."

The people of the United States "have to, as a nation, make demands of our government and of Mexico." The American people need "to put pressure on our government to finally do something about Immigration," he said. "We need to turn off the magnet of welfare. We need to secure our borders…. We need to make English the official language of the United States…. We need to crack down on those who employ illegals," and there are other things that "we need to do."

But Mexico, which is riddled with corruption, "needs to reform as well," and that will only happen when "we force them to," Mr. Quintanar said. He believes that the best way to make that happen may be through an economic boycott. "We need to stop spending our dollars down there," stop investing in companies that do business in Mexico, and stop doing business with companies that do business with Mexico. That's the kind of pressure that brought about the end of apartheid in South Africa, and that's what it will take to force Mexico to make the needed changes, he said.

He may be right, but my feeling is that we need to put our own house in order first, and that starts by putting out of office every politician at the federal, state and local level who does not understand that our inability to control our borders poses an existential threat to constitutional government in the United States, to our freedoms, our national sovereignty, our foundational principles, our way of life. We need to put into office people who will take the necessary action to secure our borders immediately, to enforce our immigration laws, and to welcome, whether as permanent residents or as temporary workers, only those who come into the country by invitation and through the front door and who show respect for our laws.

Breaking the law should never become an acceptable path to citizenship. We welcome immigrants to this country who understand what it means to be an American and who wish to become an American without hyphenation and without divided loyalty. We always have.

People who come here with an entitlement mentality are not welcome. Those who come here and then want to try to transform this country into a place like the one they left, whether it be Mexico or Pakistan, ought to just go back where they came from.

But all who come here by legal means (or who have escaped political oppression and have come here seeking asylum) because they desire to live in a country rooted in liberty and justice for all, and who do not expect to be given anything but want only the opportunity to better their lives through hard work, thrift, ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit – all such, we welcome, we embrace; for those are the people who will help us restore this nation to its former greatness and then help us move beyond that to a greatness yet unrealized.

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