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 Rand's Rants  January 2, 2011

AP's Liberal Bias Blares from Page One Story

Rand Green 
Yosemite Valley


January 2, 2011 -- THE HOME PAGE of thousands of internet news sites yesterday and the front page of hundreds of newspapers across the country today carried an Associated Press story on the looming showdown on spending in the new 112th Congress that convenes Wednesday, January 5. The AP's liberal bias blares from these page-one placements of what purports to be a "news" story, with a prejudicial remark in the first sentence that ought to be reserved for the op-ed page....

The lead sentence of the article, written by Charles Babington, reads: "Two early showdowns on spending and debt will signal weather the new Congress can find common ground despite its partisan divisions or whether it's destined for gridlock and brinkmanship that could threaten the nation's economic health."

The presumption, presented as fact, is that if the Freshmen Congressmen, newly elected by the conservative Republican landslide in November 2, make good on their promise to cut spending rather than to compromise on a massive spending bill that is expected to come to the floor in February, and if they refuse to raise the national debt ceiling from its current $14.3 billion level, it will be bad for the economy.

The sentiment is parroting the Obama administration's official position, borrowing (without attribution) a talking point from Austan Goolsbee, chairman of President Barack Obama's council of economic advisors, who told ABC's "This Week" program that "The impact on the economy [of a failure to raise the debt ceiling] would be catastrophic."

Goolsbee and Babington both conveniently ignore the fact that the nation's current economic crisis is primarily a consequence (and a deliberate consequence, not an unintended one) of government overspending, over-taxation and overregulation, because they want more spending, more taxation, more regulation, and more dependence on government. After all, they're progressives, and that's what progressive means in their lexicon: progressively more and more government. Bankrupting the private sector has been, and continues to be, just a means to an end. Perspicaciously Yours, Rand Green, Editor/Publisher,
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