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Islamist Propaganda Warfare
The latest CAIR propaganda video demonstrates why
we've got to be smarter than our enemies

Rand Green 
Yosemite Valley


THE GREATER Los Angeles Area office of the Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR) on March 2 released a 5 minute, 52-second video entitled "Hate Comes to Orange County" which purports to depict "a rally organized by anti-Muslim bigots" to protest what purported to be "a fundraising event held by an American Muslim relief group for relief work and charity in the U.S."

Both assertions are erroneous.

Put bluntly, resistance to efforts by Islamist extremists within the United States to destroy the United States does not constitute bigotry against Muslims  who do not fit that description!

If one knew nothing about the organizations and individuals involved in organizing the Muslim fundraising event, and if one knew nothing about the organizations and individuals involved in making the video, and if one knew nothing about the organizations and individuals involved in organizing and participating in the protest rally, beyond what is depicted in the video, one could easily be persuaded that the video faithfully portrayed a virulent outpouring of hatred by hundreds of xenophobic protesters toward some really nice people who were merely trying to raise money for laudable charitable purposes such as local women's shelters. But the facts are otherwise.

This propaganda piece is masterfully done. It is powerfully persuasive. Few people who see it will be equipped to see through it. Most will conclude that the protestors shown in the video are representative of the protest rally organizers, and that they are all possessed of irrational and unbridled hatred for all Muslims, including the young children shown in the footage.

The actual objective of the protest rally, which was organized by a Tea Party group called We Surround Them OC912 (aligned with Glen Beck's 9-12 project), was to educate people about the dangers of radical Islam from jihadists in our own midst, including some of the speakers scheduled to keynote the Feb. 13 Islamic fundraiser banquet in Yorba Linda. Those dangers are a very real concern, and for Americans who love their God-given, Constitutionally-protected liberties, it is a nothing less than an existential threat, one of the most serious our country faces.

But regrettably, the damage done to that educational effort by the CAIR propaganda video, which is now in global circulation on the internet, may far outweigh any benefits the protest organizers might have hoped to achieve from their peaceful educational protest rally.

And that is true in part, regretfully, because a few dozen protestors (separate from the main group attending the rally  — and later, after most of the rally attendees had gone home) behaved in an inappropriate manner and said some inappropriate things that played into the hands of the propagandists, giving them just the kind of sound bites and video clips that, when spliced, looped and edited, permitted them to portray a tone for the rally that its organizers had not envisioned.

The overwhelming majority of the five hundred or so people attending the protest rally exhibited behavior that was exemplary, peaceful, dignified, circumspect and respectful, as is true at every Tea Party event I have ever witnessed.

It is not clear just who the handful of protestors were who got out of hand later on and chanted "Go back home, go back home" to Muslim men, women and children arriving for the fund raising banquet. They were out of identifiable range on the video. Equally mysterious is the identity of the two or three people who were shouting ugly taunts and using both language and a tone of voice I have never heard a Tea Partier use. They were videotaped after dark and backlit so their faces couldn't be seen.

But somehow, CAIR got the footage and turned it into a very damaging propaganda tool.

It all attests to the very great need for us to be smarter than our enemies, and to be more effective in educating people with the truth than they are at propaganda. And whether we want to admit it or not, that is no easy thing to achieve.

We must remember that in dealing with CAIR we are up against professional master propagandists. They are smart, they are sophisticated, they are educated, they are technologically savvy, they are well connected, and they very well funded. They do their job as well as the best propagandists of Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, Maoist or present-day China, or anyone else in history. And they are aided and abetted by their allies in the two arms of the present-day Socialist-Progressive propaganda machine — Hollywood and what is commonly (albeit erroneously) known as the Mainstream Media.

CAIR routinely but disingenuously portrays all Muslims in the United States as peace-loving, freedom-loving loyal Americans victimized by radical hate groups. There surely are many peace-loving, freedom-loving Muslims in the United States who are loyal Americans and who not only don't want to impose Sharia [Islamic] Law on the rest of us but probably don't want to live under Sharia themselves. It's an oppressive system. But there are also a great many other Muslims in this country who do consider it their religious duty to transform the United States into an Islamic Republic. And it is not they but the rest of us who are being victimized; not we but they who are possessed of an all-consuming religious bigotry.

CAIR also portrays itself as existing for no purpose other than to bring about better understanding between Muslim Americans and their non-Muslim neighbors.

But CAIR lies.

CAIR is a front group for the Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood whose whole purpose for being is to bring about a global Caliphate in which every nation is under Sharia (also spelled Shariah). Under Sharia, there is no freedom of religion. Under Sharia there is no freedom, period. For under Sharia, every human being that is not a Muslim, is either a dhimmi (a subservient class who must walk with eyes downcast, wear an identifying mark, practice their own religious beliefs in secret, avoid criticizing Islam at the peril of their lives, and pay a jizya tax, or tribute, to their Muslim overlords), or is dead.

The Muslim Brotherhood's efforts to establish the global Caliphate may consist of violent jihad or non-violent subversion, but the end is the same, and the Sharia Law that a Calphate will impose on all is in irreconcilable contrast to the U.S. Constitution or to the principles of individual liberty espoused by our founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence. And to the Muslim Brotherhood, the annihilation of Israel and the conquest (whether by force or by stealth) of the West, most particularly the "Great Satan," the United States, is an essential step in achieving their objective.

The groups that organized the protest against the Feb. 13 Muslim fundraiser in Yorba Linda, understand these things about CAIR and are also well aware that many leaders in CAIR have been demonstrated to have numerous personal ties to Islamic terrorist organizations. They also know that the organization which hosted the Muslim fundraiser  — the Islamic Center of North America  — is not the innocent charity it pretends to be. Rather, ICNA is a sister organization to CAIR and is the American affiliate of Jamaat-e-Islami, the Muslim Brotherhood of Pakistan.

Writing for Pajamas Media on July 24, 2009, Joe Kaufman stated, "In August 2006, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), otherwise known as the Muslim Brotherhood of Pakistan, announced on its website that its charity, the Al-Khidmat Foundation (AKF), had traveled to Damascus to the home of the global head of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal. They sent well wishes from the president of JI and presented Mashaal with six million rupees — the equivalent of 99 thousand U.S. dollars. Accompanying the group was a Dr. Hafiz Ur Rehman. Mashaal thanked the group for the money and proceeded to declare that Hamas was going to continue to wage 'jihad' (terrorist acts) against 'the Zionist yoke' (Israel).

"At the time of the Hamas transaction, ICNA was listed on AKF’s website as the top two donors to AKF — 'ICNA Relief USA' and 'ICNA Relief Canada,' the titles of ICNA’s two North American charities."

Mr. Kaufman added that "The Mashaal affair was not the only occasion that ICNA has been associated with the funding of terror." As an example, "before the 9/11 attacks, the organization was asking its followers to donate to groups associated with al-Qaeda."

ICNA has a two-fold purpose: to raise funds for international jihad and to work to destroy the United States from within, all while disguising itself as a good-hearted charity (and no doubt doing enough actual charity work to try to make its real purpose invisible). It is this, and not the innocent Muslim children depicted in CAIR's video, that the protest organizers were protesting.

Yet another major impetus for holding the Feb. 13 protest was the fact that the list of featured speakers scheduled for the Muslim fundraising dinner included known terrorist supporters. One of these was Amir-Abdul Mulik-Ali.

An entry on identifies Mulik-Ali as "a passionate supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah [who] helped organize a July 1999 rally in San Francisco at which Imam Abdul-Alim Musa proudly displayed a cashier’s check made out to 'Hamas, Palestine.'" Malik-Ali is "also part of the Al-Masjid movement which is dedicated to creating an Islamic revolution in the United States. His ultimate goal is to see Islamic law instituted in America…. 'From an Islamic movement we graduate to an Islamic revolution,' he says, 'then to an Islamic state. . . . We must implement Islam as a totality [in which] Allah controls every place  — the home, the classroom, the science lab, the halls of Congress.'"

One of many militant statements by Mulik-Ali on record, speaking of the struggle between Muslims and non-believers, he said, "When it is all over, the only one standing is going to be us."

There is plenty here to concern any patriotic, freedom-loving American -- plenty to protest; plenty to justify protest. But the millions of people who will now view the CAIR propaganda video on internet social media sites and liberal blogs will not know these things. They will hear protestors shouting "Go back home! Go back home!" They will hear some of the protesters even calling out disrespectful taunts, punctuated by bleeps that make them appear foul-mouthed.

The video identifies Act! for America as one of the sponsoring groups for the protest, but according to that organization's website, the information is not accurate. Act! for America merely informed its members of the event.

However, The Act! for America website notes that "there was a small group of protestors who were disrespectfully heckling Muslims entering a building. This group of protestors was separate from the larger rally. Indeed, you will note on the video that most of the video of the protestors occurred when it was dark  — well after the larger rally had ended." [Emphasis in original]

One cannot discount the possibility that at least some of these hecklers were instigators planted by CAIR's videographers or their Liberal-media cohorts just to serve as fodder for the propaganda video. But that excuse cannot be applied to one very unfortunate remark made by Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauley regarding the willingness of her friends in the U.S. Marine Corps to hasten terrorists to an "early meeting in Paradise." Even if taken out of context, what a plum that kind of a gaffe is for a propagandist! It underscores dramatically why we have to be so careful. We must be on guard every moment, knowing that our enemies are in our midst, knowing that they will twist and distort anything we say or do in their effort to destroy us, and they will exploit any blunder we make.

It underscores further why we must learn to be smarter than our enemies. We must be better, more articulate and more persuasive in our message of truth than they are in their propaganda of deception, and we must use every communications tool available to us to give our educational message a greater reach than the propagandists are able to achieve. Given their resources and their media/Hollywood connections, that is tall order, but we must rise to the challenge or America's future will be bleak indeed.

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