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 Rand's Rants & Raves  October 17, 2011

1,000 countries, Ms. Sawyer? Which planet are you on?

Rand Green 
Yosemite Valley


Planet PlutoWE THOUGHT it was a laughable gaffe when President Obama made his now-famous remark about having travelled to all but one of the 57 states. But ABC's Diane Sawyer doesn't seem to have a clue how many countries there are in the world. Effusing on ABC's World News, October 10, 2011, over the spread of the communist "Occupation" demonstrations that had started on Wall Street nearly a month earlier, she became was so wrapped up in hyperbole that she said, We thought wed bring you up to date on those protesters, the Occupy Wall Street movement. As of tonight, it has spread to more than 250 American cities, more than a thousand countries every continent but Antarctica.

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With the recent addition of South Sudan, there are currently 196 countries in the world, depending on how you count. (Only195 if you think Taiwan doesn't count.) Even if Ms. Sawyer was anticipating the dissolution of the United States into 57 separate nations, that doesn't quite add up to 1,000 different countries. Not on Planet Earth. Perspicaciously Yours, Rand Green, Editor/Publisher,

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