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To win in 2012, Conservatives must
play chess, not checkers

Rand Green 
Yosemite Valley


Checkmate"IT'S TIME," wrote Dr. Milton R. Wolf in a New York Post column Dec. 7, 2011, "for conservatives to quit playing checkers and start playing chess. Stop sabotaging our own candidates and instead create a path that rewards conservatism no matter who our nominee is."

Otherwise put, if Republicans are to have any hope of victory in the 2012 Presidential election, they need a winning strategy, and that means they need to think strategically, rather than just focusing on jumping all over each other. Republican presidential candidates and their supporters need to quit doing the Democrats' dirty work for them. They need to focus on the issues and differentiate themselves by expounding on their beliefs, their ideas and their qualifications rather than to attack fellow Republicans. Instead of putting so much energy into trying to disqualify, discredit and disparage Republican opponents, each candidate should try to make the case for why he or she would be the best choice from among a field of good choices, any one of which would be immeasurably better for America's future than another four years of Obama.

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To win at chess, a contestant must think beyond the next move and the next, anticipating all possible responses to each successive move, always with an eye to checkmating the opponent and to avoid putting himself in a position in which he has been strategically out-smarted and cannot regain the advantage.

But what the candidates need to realize in the current election is that what is at stake here is much more than personal ambition. It is America's future. Therefore, what is needed is a winning strategy for America, not for an individual candidate. /p>

It is vital, it is crucial that every candidate, every campaign worker and every voter put their country first. A winning strategy for America means that Republicans all need to be prepared to unite energetically and wholeheartedly behind the winner of the Republican primary, even if that winner is not one's first choice. Without such unity, Republicans face an unacceptably high risk of losing the general election in November 2012, and the consequences of that -- four more years for Obama and his cronies to consolidate their socialist take-over of America and their dismantling of the Constitution -- are dire and unthinkable.

Dr. Wolf, a board-certified diagnostic radiologist, has (to switch metaphors) correctly diagnosed the malady in the Republican primaries that could prove fatal in November 2012. But the doctor's prescription is simple. "The path to a 2012 conservative victory is before us, elucidated by an unapologetic champion of freedom -- economic and otherwise -- upon whose shoulders we stand today." Nobel economist Milton Friedman, "the man who guided Ronald Reagan's conservative uprising, realized that elections were not simply about men but rather about ideas. The 2012 election must be about principles, not personalities."

Conservatives must, above all, "fully embrace" the "guiding principles of constitutional fidelity, limited government and free market capitalism," Wrote Dr. Wolf. "After all, racing toward the bipartisan cliff of complete economic collapse will end just the same whether it's the Democrats' breakneck speed or whether the Republicans can 'compromise' the car down to a little slower pace before it plummets."

Of course. We all recognize that. And that is precisely why so many are so bent on destroying the candidates they deem to be less than perfect -- something other than truly or genuinely conservative. But there are no perfect candidates. Although several of the candidates are "exceptionally capable leaders" and could potentially be "enormously successful" as president, ushering in "a new era of American prosperity and freedom," still some of them have "at times forsaken conservative principles," wrote Dr Wolf.

"The way you solve things," he wrote, "is by making it politically profitable" for imperfect candidates "to do the right things" and to make it "politically disastrous" for them to do otherwise. That strategy is as important after a winning Republican candidate takes office, no matter who that might be, as it is during an election.

But Republican candidates, campaigners and voters must stop this incessant in-fighting, must stop pre-empting the Democrats with this cannibalistic game of character assassination, must focus on defeating Obama, and must be united in pursuing that objective, or there will be no Republican victor whose feet the conservative Republican base can hold to the fire. And there may be no second chance.

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