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Rand Green  Only one person has what it takes
to beat Obama: YOU!

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YOU, MY FRIEND, are an American patriot. You love this country, its freedoms, its founding principles. You recognize that the direction Barak Obama and Company are taking this country is the wrong direction, that it has lead to the nation's economic decline and, of even greater concern, to a loss of liberty under an ever larger, ever more controlling and more intrusive government. You know that four more years of Obama and Company will almost certainly have disastrous consequences for the future of the United States and that turning Obama and his cronies out of office, including all those in Congress who support his Progressive Socialist agenda, must be the first order of business.

You know this, but what are you doing about it?

I suspect that part of what you are doing is working very hard to support the Republican candidate for president whom you feel is best qualified to be president and/or the one you feel has the best chance of winning. And that is as it should be. You may differ from me, or from the guy next door, as to which candidate is best, but you have studied them all, and you are right to campaign vigorously for the one you like best.

Republilcan Primary Candidates     

But do keep this in mind: After the Republican Convention in August, there will only be one Republican candidate left standing. If it should happen not to be the candidate of your choice, what will you do then?

Upon your answer to that question will depend America's future.

Let me state this as clearly as I can:

● Any of the Republican candidates would be immeasurably better as president than another four years of Obama. If you doubt that, you do not fully understand the Obama agenda. Any of the Republican candidates, if they get our support and encouragement, will undo much of the damage Obama has done.

● Any Republican candidate who truly loves this country and its founding principles, if he does not win the nomination, will fight as hard for the nominee's victory in the general election as he would for his own victory if he were the nominee

● Any supporter of any Republican candidate who truly loves this country and its founding principles, if his candidate does not win the nomination, will fight as hard for the nominee's victory in the general election as he would for his own candidate's victory.

● Any Republican (or independent) voter who stays home or votes third party in the general election either does not really have American's future at heart or does not fully understand the dangers of another four years of Obama.

I fully concur with what Frank Salvato wrote today (March 17, 2012) on "If the GOP field would simply cease 'shooting' at each other in an effort to destroy one of our own and strictly for narcissistic political gain; if they would desist from what can only be described as a poor attempt at employing the negative campaign tactics of the Progressive Chicago Left tactics that only serve to infuriate the base while providing talking points for the opposition, and, instead, focused on advancing their positive differences; educating the public on the subtle differences in their policies and platforms, they could then allow us the electorate to choose our candidate, even as they presented a cohesive front in taking it to Barack Obama, his policies, his apparatus, his broken promises and his ideological agenda; an agenda that is harming our country.

"Basically, this would see a GOP primary field cohesive in their opposition to Barack Obama and the Progressive Left; a field already campaigning against Barack Obama, and a field that respected the intellect of the electorate enough to trust them in picking their own candidate; devoid of the destructive manipulation."

Disapppointingly of the campaigns has been above engaging in the politics of personal destruction, although each claims it's just the other guys doing it. I had to shake my head in disgust when, during one of the Republican presidential debates, one of the candidates (I will not say which) claimed to be the only one that was conducting a positive campaign, focusing on the issues and on Obama's failures, and then in the next breath proceeded to disparage each of the other Republican candidates, in the process making several allegations that had no basis in fact and accusations that in actuality better described himself than his opponents. Do these guys ever listen to themselves?

What we need, wrote Mr. Salvato, is "for our candidates to stop beating the tar out of each other and, instead, be the candidates we want them to be; the candidates we know they can be." What we need is "a GOP primary slate that acts like they actually believe Progressivism and Barack Obama are the opponents, and not their fellow Republicans." I would like to add that we also need those things from the candidates' supporters. Unless this changes, I do fear that our infighting will be our downfall.

Personally, I find there are things I like about each of the four candidates currently in the race certainly some more than others. There are also some areas in which each of the candidates needs to improve, needs to be better educated, needs to be shown the errors of his current stance, needs to be persuaded to take a more soundly conservative position. Whoever becomes president, that task remains before us.

I agree with those who say they wish they could take the best points of each, and the strengths of each, and put them all into one candidate. Sort of like shopping for a wife (or, for you ladies, a husband), except that we're up against the clock on this, and don't have the luxury of looking until we've found the perfect one.

Unfortunately, many people spend a lot more time bashing a candidate they dislike than they do making a case for the candidate they favor. Sometimes it gets really ugly.

At the other extreme, I frequently hear people talking about their preferred candidate not as the "best" but as the "only" candidate who is qualified. The "only" candidate who is a conservative. The "only" candidate who is electable. The "only" candidate who is experienced enough or smart enough to be president. The "only" candidate who isn't part of the establishment. The "only" candidate capable of undoing the damage Obama has done. The "only" candidate capable of saving our country.

That kind of thinking is deeply flawed and intrinsically self-defeating. For one thing, it is going to be pretty tough for anyone to convincingly support an eventual nominee having already declared that the "only" candidate fit for office has already been defeated.

Furthermore, none of those statements is true in absolute terms. (And "only" is absolutely an absolute term!) While some candidates are certainly better qualified in some ways than others, all of them are far more qualified than the current president of the United States.

To suggest that one particular candidate is, for example, "the only candidate capable of saving our country" would be to suggest that if any other candidate wins the nomination and then subsequently wins the general election, the country is doomed. Seems to me that there are millions of us who, collectively, are capable of saving the country, and no one person, even as president, can do it alone. We all have to pull together. Only if we all pull in different directions are we doomed.

While some of the presidential candidates are more conservative in some ways than others, each is also more "moderate" in some ways than many of us would desire. None has a perfect record in that regard. But the important thing we all need to recognize is that all of them are light-years to the right of Obama on the political spectrum.

I get sick of hearing people say that such-and-such a candidate would be "Obama Lite" or "90 percent as bad as Obama" or "just as bad as Obama" or "just four more years of Obama" or "indistinguishable from Obama." Those kinds of things cannot be truthfully said of any Republican candidate who was ever in this race, and the reason for that is profound:

All of the Republican candidates love their country. Obama does not. Obama regards the United States as an evil nation that is responsible for all of the world's ills and needs to be reined in and cut down to size and emasculated, and its ill-gotten wealth redistributed to impoverished nations of the world. None of the Republican candidates are even remotely close to buying into that essentially anti-American agenda.

All of the Republican candidates, as president, would work to roll back the Obama agenda, and will be successful in doing so to the extent that they have support from Congress, both House and Senate. Obama and Company will work to consolidate the "Progressive" coup, render the Constitution an historical artifact, and fully implement the United Nations' Agenda 21.

At least three of the Republican candidates are potentially electable, as were several of the dropouts, any of which could win a victory over Obama if all of us who worry about another four years of Obama would put everything we can time, talent, resources and most importantly wholehearted commitment into making it happen. And ultimately, that is what is going to make the difference in this race.

It all comes down to this: How hard are you going to work to assure that victory? How hard will you work to assure a conservative Republican majority in the House and Senate to support and prod, as needed the new Republican president's efforts to revitalize our nation, roll back the Obama excesses, and restore our lost liberties?

Ultimately, my friend, it is what YOU do between now and November that will make the difference. No candidate, on his own, is capable of winning an election. That is up to the electorate. Romney cannot defeat Obama. Santorum can't defeat Obama. Gingrich can't defeat Obama. Paul can't defeat Obama. Only one person has what it takes to defeat Obama: YOU!

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