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"At this moment, they have one overriding objective ... to bring Trump down."

The Corrupt Mainstream Media Is Fighting Tooth and Claw To Hang Onto its Dictatorial Power

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Photo of Richmond & Baccus Co. Detroit, press room, circa 1902 (public domain, Library of Congress archives)POP QUIZ: The Mainstream Media today is (a) in the news business; (b) in the propaganda business; (c) in the business of wielding political power.

It has been true for a long time, and it has been talked about for a long time, but it has become more blatant and more obvious in the last few months than ever before: The so-called "Press," or what is often referred to as the Mainstream Media or MSM, really does believe that it has every right not only to tell you what to think but also to tell the president how to preside, the lawmakers how to legislate, and the judges how to adjudicate.

The media elites actually consider themselves to be a fourth branch of government − the so-called "Fourth Estate" − superior to and more powerful than all other branches of government combined. They believe it to be their right and their solemn obligation to exercise that power, incumbent upon them due to (what they deem to be) their superior intelligence and their superior moral authority, and by what they consider a Constitutional mandate bestowed upon them by the First Amendment.

The First Amendment states, among other things, that Congress shall not abridge freedom of the press.

To the framers of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, that meant that if you want to start a newspaper the Federal government does not have power to tell you what you can or can't say in that publication. In practical terms, that meant the government can't send federal marshals to smash your press just because you printed something they didn't like. It grants the Press no power beyond that fundamental freedom to express an opinion in print (and, by rational extension due to technological advances, over the airwaves and on the internet).

But the First Amendment was adopted in the days of small government and small newspapers. Today we have big government with run-away power, and Big Media, also with run-away power. And just as big government is bloated with dishonest and corrupt politicians, so, too, is Big Media bloated with dishonest and corrupt publishers, editors, and pseudo-journalists. Just as big government has arrogated power unto itself, Big Media has done the same. And they are all on the same page, so to speak. And it's always the left-hand page.

Just as big government has stifled freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and many other God-given, Constitutionally-protected freedoms, Big Media has actually stifled freedom of the press. It has become increasingly monopolistic. As of 2012, just six corporations controlled 90 percent of the media in America, down from 50 media companies in 1983. Today, on any subject having political or social ramifications, there is virtually no diversity of opinion among the thousands of media outlets controlled by the major media conglomerates. We see on a daily basis not only a single viewpoint across all of those outlets (with only rare token exceptions) but a repeat of the identical language used for any given story in both print and broadcast. It doesn't matter much which newspaper you pick up or which channel you switch your TV set to, you read or hear the same thing.

For the last three decades, the hard-left bias of the Press has been increasingly obvious, and it is obviously increasing, which has led some, including myself, to posit that the Mainstream Media had become nothing but the propaganda arm of the Progressive Democrats. During the Obama administration, I and some others frequently referred to the MSM as the Ministry of Propaganda, although it has not always been clear whether the politicians were controlling the Press or whether the Press was controlling the politicians.

In recent months, however, it has become increasingly evident that to a great extent, the press is in control, or at least believes it should be and acts as thought it is, although it has also become manifestly clear that there are big-moneyed interests, mostly offshore, that are pulling the strings of the publishers and news editors. Even as the Democrat party bosses have moved farther and farther to the hard left, they have continued to be outflanked on the left by the media elites who almost without exception embrace globalist agendas and socio-fascist ideologies and who use their monopolistic control of the nation's newspapers and broadcast networks (and the internet versions of the same) not to report the news accurately and honestly but to promote their radical agenda by any means and at any cost.

That agenda, for at least a generation, has been the Progressive agenda, meaning progressively more government control, progressively more dependence on government, and progressively less personal freedom, as well as a gradual, methodical departure from America's founding principles and a steady erosion of traditional American culture, values, and identity. It also means the systematic piece-meal surrendering of American sovereignty to international bodies.

With the election of Barak Obama for a second term in 2012, the Progressives believed that their long-sought-for goal of turning the United States permanently into a borderless one-party state was within their grasp. All that would be needed is the election of Hillary Clinton as president to continue the Obama agenda and the confirmation of a Progressive, activist Supreme Court Justice of the ilk of Ruth Bader Ginsberg to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Virtually everyone in the Mainstream Media was absolutely certain that is what would happen in the 2016 elections. They were absolutely certain they had the power to make it happen, not by persuading voters what a great choice Hillary was but destroying any candidate who might appear to have a chance of beating her.

And they tried to do just that. Oh, did they try! No candidate in American history has been so viciously attacked and so badly maligned by the Press as Donald Trump.

Fortunately, not quite as many people were listening to them as they hoped, and Donald Trump is now the president of the United States.

But the media elite cannot come to grips with the fact that their candidate lost, that they lost, that they no longer have the power they once did and so passionately covet, and that the man who won the election is a man whom they cannot control. They have declared war on President Trump, his administration, and his agenda, which is nothing less than a ramping up of their ongoing war on America and the American people. They are determined to do everything within their power to keep President Trump from rolling back the gains that had been made by Progressives and globalists in past administrations, to prevent President Trump from winning a second term in 2020, and to take back the Senate in 2018 to prevent constitutionalist Supreme Court nominations that can get confirmed and assure that all future court rulings comply not with the Constitution but with the Progressive agenda.

It is important for the American people to understand that the Mainstream Media is not interested in honest, accurate reporting. They have long since forfeited any rightful claim to the profession of journalist. They are propagandists. They are radical political activists. At this moment, they have one overriding objective, one paramount purpose in life, and that is to bring Trump down. To achieve that, they will lie, they will twist, they will distort, they will mislead, they will fabricate, they will prevaricate. And they are proving that today with every word they write or speak, at every turn, and with every turn of phrase.

But their efforts will not succeed. The more they demonstrate their dishonesty, the more the American people can see it for what it is, and the more they destroy their own credibility.

Furthermore, a new cadre of honest journalists is rising up to take their place, bypassing the traditional media outlets and using other venues, mainly radio and the internet, so the American people no longer need to rely exclusively on the Mainstream Media for their information. Some of these, such as myself, are career journalists who refused to sell our souls to the devil just to keep a job on a liberal rag. Others are young people just coming into the profession, looking for an outlet for their writing talent that will not require them to compromise the truth. Still others are American patriots from many professions who have become fed up with the dishonesty of the Mainstream Media and have decided to write articles or blogs to let people know what they know to be true.

Somewhere back in time, the media elites coined the phrase "legitimate media" in an effort to make the business of journalism a closed shop, reduce competition, and give them greater control over the flow of information. But there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution defining who is and who is not legitimate, and I submit that legitimacy in journalism is demonstrated not by working for a big-name publication or broadcasting company. Most of those who do so today have delegitimized themselves and the companies for which they work. Legitimacy is achieved by being accurate and honest, regardless of where you publish, and if the Mainstream Media news outlets ever want to be relevant again, that is a lesson they will need to learn.

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