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"They are trying to shame us, but the shame is on them"

What Right Has the Left
To Tell Us Who We Are?

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Photo of Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore. American flag background photo by Rand Green. 
		Text: America Forever Free.IF THERE IS anything spewing from the mouths of Democrat politicians these days that I find more disgusting, offensive, and tedious than their presumptuous insistence on telling us "who we are," I can't think what it is − unless, perhaps, their predilection for slandering as racist anyone who disagrees with any aspect of the Progressive agenda.

Barack Obama, arguably the worst, most divisive, and most anti-American president in American history, had a deeply warped vision of what he thought America should be and what Americans should be, and whenever public sentiment did not support his agenda to radically transform American culture and values, he was always quick to lecture us by saying, "That is not who we are."

In November 2015, the Washington Free Beacon posted on YouTube a video clip montage showing Obama using the phrase 46 times when "when admonishing [Americans] about not agreeing with his liberal principles." I have no doubt he came close to doubling that in his last 14 months in office.

Obama has now, thank God and Greyhound (to borrow a line from a Roy Clark song,) moved out of the White House and on down the street. But he is staying in D.C. where, he said, he will focus on trying to stop the Trump agenda. I fully expect that he will jump at every opportunity to chastise Americans for not being who they are, and I have no doubt that the shameless anti-American propagandists in Big Media will continue to quote him every chance they get.

It is all total hypocrisy, of course. In 2009, Obama said many of the same things he is now blasting Trump for saying, but he never acknowledged, "I am not who we are."

Similarly, many other Democrats − and some anti-Trump liberal Republicans as well − who today are excoriating Trump for his stance on immigration and asserting, "That's not who we are," have themselves made statements and taken actions in the past that were little different from what the President is saying and doing today. Where was the outrage then?

Obviously their definition of "who we are" is not rooted in conviction or principle but in the political expedience of the moment.

Clarice Feldman, writing for American Thinker (Dec. 15, 2015), said that no matter how many times Obama scolds Americans by telling them they are not who they are, "it is a weak debate trick to muzzle his opponents by suggesting that no true American could possibly disagree with his point of view."

Beside Obama, many other Democrats (and some anti-Trump Republicans) have taken up the mantra as well and are swift to proclaim "that's not who we are" anytime popular sentiment in the United States is at odds with their own world view. Currently, the phrase is most frequently being employed to disparage Trump's "Extreme Vetting" executive order, which most Americans support.

Hillary Clinton: "This is not who we are."

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: "That is not who we are."

Rep. Nydia Velazquez: "This is not who we are."

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo: “This is not who we are, and not who we should be."

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan: "That's just not who we are as Americans."

Charlotte, N.C. Mayor Jennifer Roberts: "This is not who we are."

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: “This is not who we are.”

The list goes on.

There's a political action committee identifying itself with the phrase "not who we are," and an anti-Trump website as well, not to mention any number of blogs. They really think they're onto something.

I'm amazed that these people haven't accused each other of plagiarism. They are usually quick to do that anytime one of their political opponents says anything remotely similar to what someone else has said before.

But what are they really saying when they say "that's not who we are"? And what are they trying to achieve?

It is, first of all, spurious posturing. They are trying to make it appear that they are taking the moral high ground so that they can look down with self-righteous disapprobation on the rest of us. Secondly, it is malicious mischaracterization of President Trump, his words, and his actions − and by inference an intentional besmirching of the moral character of anyone who agrees with him.

A blogger and former CIA agent who identifies himself only as "mike" (non-intervention.com) was right on the mark when he wrote: "When these people use the phrase," it is always "an effort to stop or denigrate" anything that that would "increase the republic’s social cohesion, reduce its debt, improve its security, and strengthen its independence and sovereignty."

Many people find that hard to believe. Why would anyone who lives in this great country, even the elites on the political left, do such a thing?

To answer that, one needs to understand who these people really are and what makes them tick.

Be assured they are not motivated by altruism, nor by patriotism, nor by a reverence for the Constitution or America's foundational principles. It may have been true of some Democrat politicians a generation or two ago, but not today. Not one of them. They are not driven by a desire to do what is best for the American people, who in reality they disdain and despise. Nor are they moved by compassion. All of that is pretense.

So what impels them?

Very simply, they, the liberal elites, regard themselves as innately superior to and more intelligent than the rest of us. They do not believe we are smart enough or well-informed enough to make any decisions for ourselves or to govern ourselves, so they take it upon themselves to run our lives for us.

They are opposed to American independence and sovereignty, and they despise traditional American values; their agenda is to radically transform the United States − its Constitution, its culture, and its institutions − and to subjugate us to what they consider a vastly superior global governance of unelected socio-fascist bureaucrats.

And so, to that end, they attempt to destroy people such as President Trump, his supporters, and his cabinet and Supreme Court nominees, who truly do have America's interests at heart, and who actually believe in government of, by, and for the People, not the elites. They do so by attempting to redefine American values and to redefine what it means to be an American. They are endeavoring to change "who we are" as a people and re-mold the American culture into what they want it to be.

But we don't need to be told who we are, and we certainly don't need people who are trying to give our country and our culture an extreme makeover telling us who we are. We know who we are. We also know who, and what, they are.

They are trying to shame us, but the shame is on them − for their lies, for their slander, for their hatred, for their hubris, for the false promises of socialism and globalism which they dangle in front of gullible recruits to their cause, for their hypocrisy, for their blatant misrepresentation of who they, themselves, really are and what they really believe, for their distorted interpretations of the policies they oppose, and most of all for their malicious defamation of the good men and women who want those policies implemented for the benefit of all Americans.

The people who are fighting President Trump's America-First agenda and putting on the garments of feigned piety and sanctimonious compassion do not represent America and American values. That is only a sham. Their characterization of Donald Trump and his agenda, and of those who support his agenda, is a deliberate distortion.

They cannot win honest elections or honest debates on the strength of their ideas, because those ideas will not hold up to scrutiny, so they must resort to manipulating the system, mangling the truth, and maligning the character of their opponents. Succinctly put, they cheat and they lie.

They lie when the accuse Donald Trump of being racist. He emphatically is not, as anyone who knows him well will attest and anyone who actually listens to what he says rather to what his enemies say he is saying will quickly recognize.

They lie when they accuse him of being anti-immigration. He most certainly is not. He is anti-illegal immigration. But the Democrats fraudulently equate the two.

They lie when accuse him of being anti-Muslim. No, he is not. He is at enmity with radical Islamic terrorism. But again, the Democrats seem unable or unwilling to make the distinction.

They falsely accuse him of being many things which he is not and which they know he is not. To them, truth is irrelevant. Discrediting Trump is everything. And why do they do this? Because they thought they had a lock on power in the United States, but they lost the 2016 election badly. They want their power back, and they know of no other way to achieve that than to cheat and to lie.

Make no mistake, the difference between Donald Trump and his opponents is not simply a matter of alternative views on how best to realize the vision of America's Founding Fathers. Throughout most of our history, there has been considerable overlap in the positions of those who won the presidency and those who lost. That is not true today. The battle between Trump and his adversaries is a battle over whether the United States will continue to have a sovereign nation with government of the People or whether we will be ruled by socio-fascist globalist elites. For the United States of America, it is an existential issue.

In 2016, the people of the United States awakened to the reality that if they repeated the mistakes of the 2008 and 2012 elections, they would no longer have a country. On November 8, they went to the polls to make their will known. There, they resoundingly rejected the Democrat agenda, and they rejected also the globalist agenda of many in the Republican Establishment.

Donald Trump won overwhelmingly in the electoral college, which is, by Constitutional law, the deciding factor. He won in 30 out of 50 states and in 84 percent of the counties across the country. Hillary edged him out in the popular vote only because of massive election fraud ranging from dead people voting to non-citizens voting. Illegal voting in California alone, if properly disallowed, would more than erase Hillary's margin. Voters gave Republicans, once again, control of the House and the Senate. Thirty-three states now have Republican governors, representing 60 percent of the U.S. population, and Republicans control the legislatures in all but 18 states. According to The Hill, "Republicans control nearly 1,000 more [state] legislative seats than they did when Obama took office." The Democrats' defeat nationally was decisive. Now they are in panic mode, because they thought they couldn't lose.

They thought they owned America and could do with it as they chose, but we, the People, rose up in defiance and told them, "No more! This is our country. You can no longer force your will upon us. You cannot rule us without our consent. You cannot turn our country over to the rule of some commission in Europe, or to the United Nations. You cannot continue to strip us of our freedoms. You cannot continue to strip us of our wealth and redistribute it to the rest of the world; if they want to be wealthy, they must emulate us, not eviscerate us.

"You cannot tell us what we are or who we are, and you cannot make us over into what you want us to be. You cannot dilute our culture by bringing in millions of people who hate America and Americans, just because you can count on them to vote Democrat and keep you in office. Furthermore, you cannot endanger our people by allowing un-vetted refugees from countries rife with Islamic terrorists and jihadis to pour across our borders, because it is inevitable that terrorists and jihadis will be mingled among the rest. We, the People of the United States, will not allow it. We will not let what happened in Lebanon and what is happening in Germany and France happen here. We reject you. We reject your destructive policies. We reject your fraudulent agenda. We are taking our country back."

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