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Calling the Kettle Black
Who is to blame for the U.S. credit downgrade?

Editor/Publisher, Perspicacity Press

IF YOU ARE a fiscal conservative, Fortune magazine has just called you hate-filled knuckle-headed idiot from the hinterlands! The RINO editor-at-large of Fortune failed to look in the mirror when he called conservatives "American Idiots."

The Floating Dollar as a Threat to Property Rights

Founding Editor, New York Sun

"The question I invite you to consider for a moment is what would happen if we just let the kilogram float? This is a question that was posed in an editorial last week in the New York Sun. After all, the editorial said, we let the dollar float. The creation of dollars, and the status of the dollar as legal tender, is a matter of fiat. Its value is adjusted by the mandarins at the Federal Reserve, depending on variables they only sometimes share with the rest of the world. This would have floored the Framers of our Constitution, who granted Congress the power to coin money and regulate its value in the same sentence in which they gave it the power to fix the standard of weights and measures—like, say, the aforementioned kilogram."

The Folly of Stimulation

Chairman, Americans for Limited  Government 

NO PUBLIC OFFICIAL has been more integrally involved in the federal government's "Great Intervention" than U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

Over the course of three years (and two administrations), Bernanke has aggressively and successfully lobbied for trillions of dollars in government bailouts, deficit spending, loan guarantees and "quantitative easing." From his perch at the secretive Fed, Bernanke has also kept interest rates artificially low by investing heavily in treasuries – although these low borrowing costs have chiefly benefited the government, not the American people.

Reaping What You Sow

President of Tailwind Capital

THE ECONOMIC POLICIES that the Obama Administration has implemented through legislation, and countenanced by appointing Timothy “Weak Dollar” Geithner to the position of Treasury Secretary, and re-appointing as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben “I’m printing Money till it hurts” Bernanke are having the opposite effect of what this administration and all of their reputable economists had assured would now be happening , and it’s not good. What is true in farming is also true in economics: You reap what you sow! When you plant lima beans all the backyard town-halls and campus rallies in the world will not produce a crop of beautiful beefsteak tomatoes. You can blame it on the weather and the soil, you can even blame the Republicans, but come harvest time you are going to be stuck eating lima beans and your words. The stagnant economy that we endure today is what you reap when you have sown an economic policy mix that gets it totally wrong.

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