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Our Mission and Our Pledge

IT IS OUR MISSION to provide fresh, rational, insightful, principle-centered and uncommonly intelligent ideas, perspectives, commentaries and analysis on a broad spectrum of timely and timeless political and social issues for the edification of concerned citizens, opinion leaders, policy makers and all who share our goal of preserving liberty and keeping America strong.

We take upon ourselves, to the degree our limited resources will allow, the daunting task of filling some of the voids left by the often narrow and too frequently biased coverage of the mass media. We will highlight stories we consider important or relevant that may have been buried, glossed over or underplayed. We will attempt to balance or to rectify stories that have been distorted or received a one-sided treatment by the networks and the mainstream press. And we will provide in-depth, thoroughly researched reportage on selected critical subjects that we feel have been inadequately or inaccurately addressed.

Our scope is broad. Believing that all men are brothers and all the children of God, we care as much about the plight of peasants in an obscure rural village half way around the world, for example, as we do about how an increase in the prime lending rate is going to affect our pocketbooks. When America's Founding Fathers drafted the Declaration of Independence, they declared that "all men are created equal," not just those living United States, and that all have been "endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights." That means all men and women everywhere, wherever they live and whatever their race or tradition, have the God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and that no governance is legitimate that deprives its people of such rights. But we also believe in America's role as the shining city on a hill, and we believe that America must be kept strong and free or freedom will not be safe anywhere.

Recognizing that there is much to learn from the past, we take a strong and factual historical focus, endeavoring to clarify misconceptions and correct distortions where they exist, and to extract from the historical records some perspectives and lessons that have valid application in today's world.

We are unalterably opposed to tyranny and political oppression, by whatever name. We abhor racial bigotry of all forms and in all directions and we believe that hate mongering is reprehensible. We denounce any disregard of human rights and we deplore human suffering. We take a strong and scientifically sound position on environmental issues, affirming that the irreplaceable treasures of the natural world can and must be protected, that any economic model which does not factor in environmental costs is flawed, and that sustainability (a word widely misused by those with an anti-business agenda) is a critical objective. But that objective, we firmly believe, must be achieved through sound policies rooted in solid science, not pursued with blind fanaticism and with callous disregard for the human costs. We decry social policies and government programs that reward indolence while punishing diligence and industriousness, but we favor a compassionate approach by private individuals and privately-funded religious and charitable organizations, to assisting those who are incapable of providing for their own needs.

It is our mission to argue passionately and persuasively in favor of what is good and right, ennobling and uplifting, and to expose articulately and oppose vehemently the wrong, the unjust, the degrading, the self-serving, the deceitful, the corrupt, the exploitive, the tyrannous, the iniquitous, the inequitable.

To these ends, we pledge our diligence and our most valiant efforts. To borrow the words of William Lloyd Garrison: We will not equivocate ... and we will be heard!

Perspicaciously Yours,

Rand Green
Editor & Publisher
Perspicacity Press

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